cell phones vs Real cameras

I had to finally upgrade my poor old abused flip phone to a newer model. The 20 year old technology won’t be supported after Jan of next year. While it’s still a better camera than my old phone had, it’s still a pain in the Bazotksi. No focus capabilities, bad light, no anti vibration setting, no subtle nuances to lighting or the actual colours.

Here’s the best reason for using a REAL camera to photograph work with. Left is cell phone (Samsung), right is NikonD90. I had to enhance the cell phone shots, and they’re still crap, but the camera took perfect shots right off the bat. If you’re proud of your work, photograph it properly as well.


Cell phone case made from one of my FrankenStitch class samples 🙂

I find it sad that so much work is posted in groups that just looks awful, because the camera photo will never be as good as a real camera. The shots are dim, out of focus, no ambiance. If you can afford to stand in line for umpteen hours, just to get the latest overpriced model, that will be obsolete next year, just so you can say you have one, forget that, and go invest in a good brand of DSLR. Your exhibit and publication entries will thank you!

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