a little bling never hurts—–and neither does some true caring

When i re-organized my galleries, i realized i used to use a lot of beads, sequins and metal bits in my work. I still have drawers and drawers! No point in saving them for the coffin, unless someone volunteers a good big glue gun, because i doubt anyone has enough time to stitch them all on, before i go underground…………………except i want a green burial, so that’s not gonna work either, millions of itty bitty plastic, metal and glass thingies getting tangled in the roots that grow over me πŸ™‚ So use ’em!



I’m not going to suddenly start encrusting everything in sight though, and certainly a lot of the work i do does not need orange sequins or blue crystals! But it might be fun to add unexpected ingredients or components.

Previous work, some of which was heavy on the beads πŸ™‚








While i’m stitching on more indigo and naturally dyed moons, i also pulled out some vintage brights as well, a late 70’s rayon:

pop-moon-1This can definitely carry some Bling πŸ™‚


And our newest rescue! My MIL has had “custody” of Cosmo for a few years now, but with her refusal to admit he has a health problem–really really bad teeth, due to her really really REALLY bad care of him–and her denial even after a vet appointment, that there was anything wrong with him (she even refused to give him the painkiller prescribed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), Greyman went over on Friday night and pulled him out of there. He is now OURS, period. We got the expected hypocritical phone call “Oh i can’t sleep worrying about him” after the fact, but as far as i’m/we’re concerned, if you can buy several new couches in a year, new stereo equipment and those stoopid Franklin Mint “collectables”, and then plead poverty at the mention of the bill for the dental work needed, you can go &^%* yourself.Β  We may not be the richest, but we WILL take care of our babies.

cosmo-and-elmoCosmo is brother to our other white cat, Elmo (Mo), in the inset photo. Cosmo is partly polydactyl, front feet only, Mo is normally toed on all 4 feet, and there was a third brother who was completely polydactyl, Leo, who unfortunately passed away several years ago. Cosmo has spent the last two nights with me, but has now settled on my stoodio worktable, ignoring and being ignored by the other animals (Mo, Slapshot, the cats and Nessie, the DogFaced Girl)–except for the occasional drive by hissing and swinging Slapshot. Cosmo is of course, rather grouchy right now, but still a sweetheart, and we know after his teeth are fixed, will settle in more comfortably.


I know a lot of people think i am a nasty, crusty, people hating bitch (and maybe rightly so, because i don’t like most people πŸ™‚ ), but when it comes to animals, don’t screw with me.


3 responses to “a little bling never hurts—–and neither does some true caring

  1. Love how your standing up for Cosmo! No pet should suffer needlessly like that.
    I have just come back from my messy studio/ basement corner where I pulled out the beads and straightened them organizing them. The reason being that a piece I had finished but never felt happy with needed some beads and sequins! This after I had decided I wasn’t going to use beads much now. Perhaps it was seeing all the work done on those to die for game of thrones costumes. No matter, I just thought how funny that you were on a similar path!

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    • HA! I also couldn’t bear the thought of getting rid of all of them, even though the “real estate” they reside in is “valuable” πŸ™‚ I am NOT however, allowing anymore to enter the door!!!!!


  2. That sweetheart deserves only the best and that clearly isn’t your MIL. Nobody who can afford new couches is “poor”, but unfortunately wealth and a sense of responsibility don’t go hand in hand as we all know…

    I’m sure once he is pain free and settled he will be the sweetest disposition. I bet the others know he’s under the weather too, it can make the whole flock antsy.

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