a jam *and* jelly day

The Big Work is chugging very very slowly in the background, and i decided to show less of that as i go through the making. How many shots of two more inches done can i show and keep anyone but myself captivated? 🙂

In the meantime, i am playing with smaller pieces, no pressure, no grand plans, just embroidery for the sheer fun and joy of it, a Jam Day.

Wait until you see what’s going in the middle of this one though 🙂 (And sorry–REAL camera battery is charging, and phone camera is pain in the bazotski as usual…)

I’m also making grape jelly today, from 25 pounds of grapes i scored for a riDICULOUS price from a local gardener. And keeping me company is Mr SixToes (Cosmo), a good sign as he’s spent most of his time so far, under my stoodio table. He’s also quite a pig about food, so that’s another good sign that his mouth is healing nicely!



jelly-companionAnd Greyman is such a chicken. So far, he hasn’t told his mother that Cosmo is NOT coming back to her house. Instead we are “keeping him for a couple of weeks so he can get all his meds and check up properly.” She doesn’t deserve him, he’s MINE now, with his growly little meow and quiet ways.

3 responses to “a jam *and* jelly day

  1. Is there danger of her getting a new cat when she finds out? Because really, she ought to lose her permit. (there ought to be one for her to lose)


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