still juicing

I’d have had more done by now, but yesterday i was elsewhere, and though i had brought this with me, the minute i opened the bag, the needle flew out and was lost! And since when have i ever poked only ONE needle in for use???? Only yesterday………..

Fortunately, we are working our way through Deadwood, and my brain and fingers can separate to get something done 🙂



By the end of day i should have enough components for three moons, with interesting bits left for other projects.


And for the record, though Deadwood is dirty and grit laden, with horrendous behaviours and the lowest of criminal intent, it has much historical basis, incredibly well developed characters, and the language, oh the language is so wonderfully Shakespearean! (Some of it will go right over the heads of most, but i know you intelligent readers will understand 🙂 )


Your thoughts? (Spammers, good luck on that.)

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