still hopping

Second rabbit is almost done–and there won’t be anymore in this time frame! (19 days till set up!) As much as i love them, the work involved getting them to sit properly is time consuming, and sometimes frustrating! I just about threw “Darkwoods Rabbit” in a hissy fit at one point the other night. “Next year i’ll start earlier for Christmas” as we all so  brashly say 🙂



This is my new favourite variegated from Caron’s Wildflowers collection. Oft-times when i choose a thread to use, it’s late at night, and i am depending on the Ottlight in my stitching corner to “match” colours. On Sunday, i was in the stoodio with the sun was shining on the worktable as i pulled various flavours, and i saw this colour combination as it truly is–deep grey, deep indigo, soft charcoal and that wonderful rust shade, perfect!

stones-colourwayCaron Wildflowers collection # 260, “Sticks and Stones”

There are other pieces, just moons, and something else i’ve come up with to produce for this sale, all laid out in an ever burgeoning pile in the stitch corner……but whatever gets done, gets done. I haven’t a clue how much more i can do in 19 days, but am giving it my valiant best to have enough to show what i do, and interest people!


I was finishing one of my small moons on the train last Friday morning and the lady sitting beside me started talking about what i was doing, asking intelligent questions and truly interested. After she asked me how much i would sell it for, another woman sitting across from me sniffed and said derisively “$XXX for *that*???”, whereupon my seat mate smiled, leaned over and put her hand on the woman’s knee and sweetly but edged said “yes, isn’t it awful how we undervalue handwork?” HUZZAH! #somepeoplegetwhyhandworkisvaluable

6 responses to “still hopping

  1. Pity there aren’t more like your seat mate, but hopefully the other one will think about what she said and change tack. The bunnies are beautiful. And you are right about the Caron thread. Some of their colours are yuck but some are outstanding.

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  2. It is so uplifting to meet a person who appreciates your work and understands (even a little) what goes into it.

    On threads, after having gotten into dying my own, I have found that the “ugly” ones often turn out to be the most useful! I need to work on using more different colors in the same skein, though, instead of variegations of similar colors.

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