“torn between two lovers”

8-moonI continue. And continue. And continue.

I’m reminding myself that the intended audience cares nothing for or about my “serious” work, that they want “pretty” or “interesting” for a reasonable price, and no one can blame them for that. The aim after all, of a Christmas Market is to get something into someone else’s hands for gift giving, and to get a few dollars in your own pocket. How can i complain about that? When i made “wearable art” in the 90’s that was my ONLY concern: i *didn’t* want things hanging about the Stoodio, or it was wasted materials, time and effort. The big problem really is that i committed late to the endeavour, giving myself only 37 days to get enough work together………..I blame ME for all of this then……The Financial Me says GO GO GO, and the Artist Me is dragging her heels and whining.

“Next year, i’ll start earlier for Christmas.” I *do* have an 11tybajillion ideas for that, so we’ll see what percolates up from the wells then. And all complaining aside, i like these efforts, BUT..


I keep staring at this, currently pinned to a design wall, trying out things in my mind, jotting notes, holding my breath.

autumn-languishingI’m reminding myself it will all be “over” at the end of Nov 19, and i can return to this and other new work, with copious ideas, plans and colourways, motifs and techniques.

Snivel snivel snivel.


PS Fabrics are on sale in the shop–winter clear out time!   <——That’s a link 🙂

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