no smartypants title

Because i thought i’d make a joke about hexes again, but can’t get the brain on that, without doing evil apparently……

I was doing some research (falling down the Rabbinet Hole, that is, truthfully) this morning, thinking i could find something smart, funny, deep or pertinent to the subject, but Nay. Evidently hexes are bad, unless you’re a quilter in love with them. 🙂

I’m still in sampling mode as i work out what this large project needs. I want to introduce some stronger colours, and my eye espied the bag of indigo bits i have been hoarding.





*Just* enough contrast/colour/depth!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want to overwhelm the rest of it, but being a natural dye, it does work with all the others.

Winnowed down to three thread choices from 17, i ended up using (so far) just the Caron “Smoke” #022

neuron-threadsThis one’s gonna be a pleasure to work, and though i will finish the sample, am 99.9% sure that it will work on the actal project as well.

I guess that’s why this one result from the search felt right:


Your thoughts? (Spammers, good luck on that.)

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