me break stitching

Erm, not that i broke anything! I’m just giving myself a stitching break from the big work, by going back to a project started last summer.

Samara has been languishing for a good while: ennui, boredom, what-evering (not to be confused with what-if-ing….), lack of direction. I dumped some threads on her to see what would work.


Above, while i love the colours and the combo, too bright for this one. They are however being used on these little bits, destined for something else:


These are what i’ll use.

threads-second-choice-samara-cStill bright (ish), but more toned to her taste πŸ™‚


Yesterday’s sampling with the indigo for/in/with hexes was heartening, but not ready to reveal that yet πŸ™‚


2 responses to “me break stitching

  1. Like you I have more than one piece on the go ….very difficult stitching here at the moment in a heatwave esp as my large piece is backed with light weith flannel
    Like the greyed shades in your lower photo

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    • At the present, mine keeps me warm πŸ™‚ But i know what you mean–sometimes under the apple tree in the summer, that “blankie” feeling is immense and i have to throw it off. All of my work is backed by flannel.


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