break on through to the other side

Since when do i have to “finish” a section before i move to the next? Perhaps that “drag point” merely means it’s time to move on to something else to stop the dragging of heels?


The other side is the same, but different 🙂 I decided to further “fragment” some of the hex/memory symbols, by using the blue and the red together behind. One or two of the smaller areas will be solid blue, but more of the red will be used, as i want this side to be more of the compartmentalizing and fracturing symbolism. The threads too will echo this, partly because the effect works, and partly because i have to marshall my stash carefully, as some of these threads can’t be replaced/re-ordered. Working the materials in this one is definitely a case of use what you have and don’t buy more, and more importantly, don’t change the plan just because you ran out of something!

It was also time to pin up on the wall, and see the whole. When you work by hand like this, and in intense areas, it gets a little myopic.


GADZOOKS! It sure FEELS like there’s more done…… (And the top third isn’t even in the photo…..)  Okay, well, considering how much hand work has gone into this, yes i have so done a lot. I *do* see progress, i like the feel, and while i was a tad concerned the red would be too powerful, i can see that in value, it pretty much “matches” the other side. Not that i worry about “matching”, but the eye must travel properly.


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