winter dye adventures, part 2

The big question of course is, are these lightfast? Some one said no, but Ethel says yes 🙂 Old dye books sometimes have erroneous recipes and results though. And dandilion roots STILL don’t give magenta, pink or purple 🙂


Most of the threads and silk chunks are still in the pot, marinating as long as possible, but i removed a few pieces to test some modifiers. (The only mordant so far has been alum.)

privet-various-mord-modsOn the two yellows left, which were from the first teeny pot, the soda ash (alkali) really brightened it, but vinegar (acid) seems to have stripped out the colour on the bottom!! The berries gave a completely different colour, something that *doesn’t* always happen. The alum mordant alone gave a lovely greyed shade, while soda ash turned it green, and vinegar changed the shade SLIGHTLY more blue (barely worth it.)


I’ll test too an iron mordant to see if it darkens, changes hue or can’t be bothered to do anything 🙂

Stay tuned for part 3, sometime at the end of the week.

Your thoughts? (Spammers, good luck on that.)

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