time is the longest distance between two places

Wow, did Valentine’s pre week and the week of, screw things up time-wise for stoodio work! When i picked up the big current work yesterday, and the accompanying stitch notes, i realized i hadn’t done any stitching for 10 days! As a floral designer, these “holidays” are exhausting. Every year, i say “i’m not doing this again at Valentine’s/Mother’s Day/Christmas”…and every year, there i am……….

But i did get in 6 hours yesterday on it, and have enough time this morn before i head off to the fffFlower Mines again, to get in at least 2 hours with it.


At least half still to do on the left side above, and two thirds on the right, below:


There will be only a few more red inclusions, as i’m adding more of the blue. The red is to signify a different sort of memory, way of remembering, and it doesn’t need a lot to make the point. I also toned down the new reds to a softer version, also in fitting with the theme.

Folded together, i can see the progress and effect:


And now i’m pinning reminders so i can work through smoothly!



Even with the time away, i’m pleased with the time frame with work done, and the time frame left to complete.

Your thoughts? (Spammers, good luck on that.)

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