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21 Feb

Wow, did Valentine’s pre week and the week of, screw things up time-wise for stoodio work! When i picked up the big current work yesterday, and the accompanying stitch notes, i realized i hadn’t done any stitching for 10 days! As a floral designer, these “holidays” are exhausting. Every year, i say “i’m not doing this again at Valentine’s/Mother’s Day/Christmas”…and every year, there i am……….

But i did get in 6 hours yesterday on it, and have enough time this morn before i head off to the fffFlower Mines again, to get in at least 2 hours with it.


At least half still to do on the left side above, and two thirds on the right, below:


There will be only a few more red inclusions, as i’m adding more of the blue. The red is to signify a different sort of memory, way of remembering, and it doesn’t need a lot to make the point. I also toned down the new reds to a softer version, also in fitting with the theme.

Folded together, i can see the progress and effect:


And now i’m pinning reminders so i can work through smoothly!



Even with the time away, i’m pleased with the time frame with work done, and the time frame left to complete.

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Posted by on February 21, 2017 in in progress


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