This beautiful bamboo thread was the one i thought i would run out of, but fortunately a dear friend sent me another lump of it. Thanks Meg, you are a Peach!

neurons-thread-choicePhoto above “pre” all the stitching!


And i may have to order more of the little Valdani ball of “Shimmering Denim”, a lovely variegated, but a silly name–who’s ever seen denim “shimmer”? šŸ™‚


Anyhoo, i had a good weekend with the work, and am closer to finishing these 2 sections than i thought. As always, working intense areas gets rather myopic and one can’t see the whole until stepping back, literally.



I also finally settled on a title! Since this piece is about memory, and all the associations and “syndromes”, it is now “Tabula Memoria”.

Your thoughts? (Spammers, good luck on that.)

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