pay off

Ya just gotta stick with it, and try to ignore it.The irritation, i mean, not the work. A delicate touch is tough when the fabric can’t move. I’m used to warping, bending, folding when i stitch: it’s part of the fun.

I can’t take this one anywhere either, as packing it will probably shift the cloth, which has to stay taut and on grain. Haremcloth is wonderful, but a bit of a shifty thing 🙂 I loathe using hoops, however the tension was necessary for this. Not looking forward to the larger figure–until it’s done 🙂 At least i know how i’m going to treat larger areas now with the other figure(s). (Still can’t decide if i need a third, or if after doing a first layout on the background will show that two is enough.)


I’m still not entirely happy with the shape of the foot, but when it’s applied to the background, can adjust that.



6 responses to “pay off

  1. Last pic i was thinking i would put a piece of cloth under the stitching. But the same color as the leg. Now it looks abit if she’s hurt her foot. But i stil like it…………

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