cosmic debris clearing

Oh MY. It’s the annual “Clear all this crap, WTF was i thinking keeping this?” time. I’ve been going though boxes and piled bags, big Rubbermaids and small mystery piles, pulling out crap and good stuff and more crap, and getting rid of it. No more shuffling it into new piles or boxes, not gonna use it, LOSE it!!!

A few delights along the way though.

I don’t have this piece of fabric anymore, but i did find the metal “flowers” that left the marks. Set that aside for res work.

In one box, i discovered dozens of separating zippers, still in their original packaging, from the days of my wearable art business—1999!!!!! (That number looks so wrong now that we’re in the 2000’S….) I found plant saucers, sheer synthetic uglies, empty journals, full journals (half of which are not worth keeping, though i still have sketchbooks dating back to ’93 that i consider “valuable”), dried eucalyptus leaves, bags of rubber bands, patterns i haven’t touched for 20 years at least, bundles of fabrics tied together from when i mass produced bags (all cut and ready to stitch), a lot of paper garbage, scraps too tiny for even the savviest of hoarders to use and clumps of hair where obviously some animal we’ve had made a nest.

I apparently also have a plastic bag fetish, a secret one even to myself, as i had no idea that i have stored in various other plastic bags, enough to fill two large garbage bags……..pitched it in the recycle bin of course, not the garbage.

I managed to sort my cottons (and other “naturals”) into white solids for dyeing, and coloured solids for over-dyeing, by emptying 2 Rubbermaids that were filled with definitely what would be considered Crap with a capital S. Though i don’t sew clothes for myself anymore, i still can’t bear to part with a few yardages, but most of it is going going gone to UjaamaGramma donations.

I wish i could find someone who was truly interested in a collection of at least 100 Threads magazines.

Somehow i have three containers of indigo, and several of soda ash. And more measuring cups and spoons that you can poke a snake at. On the bright side, i have two boxes of ecoprint “fails” that are destined for indigo over-dyeing.

I figure by the time i’m done, i should have at least 5 very large garbage bags full of stuff to donate, and 3 to either recycle or huck in the Gar-bahj. Even if it doesn’t sell for the Grammas to use the funds from, some will get shipped after to places/people who can use it in some form. The last bits are today’s plan.

There’s floor space again.



9 responses to “cosmic debris clearing

  1. Wish we lived closer – I’d consider making an offer on the Threads magazines. Postage costs make it not doable though. I can pretty much guarantee that there’ll be at least one (or three!) things that you re-gift that you’ll desperately wish you’d kept. Not that I’d know that from experience, mind you.

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    • I’d get them to you in a heartbeat if it weren’t for the postage thing!

      And nope, so much of this stuff has travelled for 20+ years: i’m never going to use it. I’m pretty selective now about what i want/need and use.


      • I am SO done with clearing/cleaning out the stoodio—3 HUMONGOUS bags for donation to the UjaamaGrammas, one for the Sally Ann, 2 for recycling, and 3 for the Nasty Gar-Bahj. The back room is half empty now–and i discovered a corner where there’s obviously a leak at ground level, because there was an errant piece of fabric frozen to it!

        I can’t believe the amount of CRAP with a capital S that i was committed to for so long.


  2. OMG … this made me laugh ! I swear I was reading all about me and my ‘stuff’ !
    The Threads magazines went b-bye a few years ago … I still have a small stash of yardage from my clothes making days … and I collect boxes, it seems … so funny !
    OH, and I bet I have one little bag o’stuff that you dont !!! Lion’s mane … from an old acquaintance in NS who had a pet lion and she brought his combed mane to share at a workshop many years ago … I’m sure during the mid 90’s. Long black and ochre hair from his black mane. What will I do with it ? Save it … lol !

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