is it the right way on the wrong track, or the wrong way on the right track?

I started the second figure yesterday and up until 33.2657 minutes ago was pleased.

Now i’m not.

Photographing things helps me see more “objectively” and looking at this now it really doesn’t represent what i want in the second figure.

There’s also the fact that i WORKED IT FROM THE WRONG SIDE!!!! I want the figure facing the left, the hexes that represent stronger memories, youth’s facile way of remembering and the naive thinking that always the mind will be the same. (I know mine’s not anymore…)

It’s too red. The greeny blue is too greeny blue dark.  It’s blotchy, but at the same time, too “solid”. This one has to be more robust, less disintegrated, but as it stands, it’s too Too.

The fabric must also have been pulled wrong, off grain when i started working it in the hoop, as the proportions and angles have shifted. I *knew* i would have a bit of a problem with that, due to the larger size, so i think it’s going to have to be stabilized differently.

Though the colourway of DMC 4140 matches in the perle #5 and the 6 strand embroidery floss (separated into 2 strands at a time in the needle), the perle is too heavy. Even if i was happy with the whole, i’d have to pull that head stitching out, and redo it with the floss. And i don’t think the harem cloth is strong enough to withstand having been so tensioned, stitched, ripped out and then restitched.

Time invested in this though was not Lost. I learned some things, and will start again.

2 responses to “is it the right way on the wrong track, or the wrong way on the right track?

  1. (I may have perfected the right way on the wrong track.) Maybe save the wrong facing figure (the lurker in the shadows?) for another project? As for harem cloth I quoth the raven: nevermore! Right or wrong, it’s gorgeous.

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