oh sorry, am i boring you?

I keep slogging away at the side panels for this piece, each day ending with me thinking “almost done this part!”, and then seeing it ain’t so. (Don’t get me wrong–i love what i’m doing for this one, but it gets SO SO SO myopic at this end of the needle…)

This morning i realized i can start other areas as most of the piece is side stabilized now with all the stitching that *is* done. Figure One is pinned to the bulletin board, Figure Two is still in my head after i aborted the first attempt at it, but there is another area that’s really important, and that’s the moon.

There will be dense work on this area, but “blending” in, so to speak. Two colourways in floss and perle, i’ve chosen DMC 4140 (Driftwood) to do the darker areas like the rust, and DMC 4145 (Sand Dune) to do the highlights/lighter areas.

I work by committing to something, and the best way to start this area was to clearly mark where the moon is. That’s commitment!

Now i HAVE to work that area, because the marks don’t come out. The moon is off centre, (i can’t abide symmetry!) and that’s something that will be worked with, as i intend to ghost a bit around it— the template (a huge stainless steel bowl for popcorn šŸ˜‰ ) i used to mark for the circle, was not the same size as the original mark made by the rust and dyes. For the record, yes i do so use pencil, and occasionally fine black micron pens to mark some areas. Intuition is all fine and dandy and “sensitive to the cloth and intent”, but sometimes you have to have a guideline.


While i work this, i can think how to balance the top of the left panel, as it’s empty, unlike the top of the right one!

6 responses to “oh sorry, am i boring you?

  1. Looking good! i like to move around a piece to keep me from getting bored or losing interest in it due to stitching the same stitch, thread, color over and over. Some parts just seem to take forever! And it’s nice to know I a not alone in my use of bowls, plates, cd’s for good circle marks!

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  2. I’m glad you brought up the subject of marking. I’ve started considering my choices for some new experiments. I don’t see why we can’t allow the markings to be visible–a kind of pentimenti?

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