making book

A real learning curve! I tried several years ago to do a Blurb book, but got so bogged down that it’s still sidelined.

However, i’m older and smarter now :), and have more patience and persistence, so i go i go i go–for hours, working on the accompanying journal for “Tabula Memoria”.

I knew from the beginning of this project that i didn’t want to send off a haphazard accumulation of the writing, sketches and samples i did as i went along, that it had to be something that would last, possibly be passed on (to “heirs”?), and that looked professional. From the start of this to the end, i kept a separate file for the physical work (said writing, sketches, samples) and a digital one with folders and sub folders (and sub sub folders….!), planning somehow to collate and correlate at the end.

Once you learn the program, it *is* easy. The hard part is picking and choosing what truly is relevant, deciding what should be featured and what is less “interesting”, writing coherently and in a timeframe sense for each photo, and then deciding how many pages really are needed.

From the initial query from Mr X, to the first concept scribblings, through process and progress, thoughts, changes, references and honestly some blah-blah, i’m up to 45 pages, with only a few left to do. You have to know when to stop too! There could always be another book for the “extras”, incorporated for a “how to” maybe…..

And maybe, just maybe, i’ll finish that first one, because there are others i’d like to do too.



4 responses to “making book

  1. I have a Mind Shark . . . it snaps at anything that looks good. So I went to the sight and started thinking to myself and I thought about a book, then I thought about a magazine with invited guests putting in their 2 pence worth (somehow that never went metric) and then the Mind Shark said it was going to get a stomach ache. All I’m saying really, is, what a wonderful idea . . . finish it!

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  2. I would like to make a book about my current work too – but have not started. Probably won’t. The work-load and concentration seems beyond me this summer. But yay for you – I encourage you to keep on with it. It’s a wonderful idea and you are almost done. xo


    • It *is* a lot of work, and certainly tiring, but if you’ve kept all the supporting material as you go along….uses different brain muscles, for sure!


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