it must be the water

OH FER &*^%$#^%*(&*^O^&%^%$$#@#$@%&^*^*(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Logwood is supposed to look like this:

Above, on wool, below on cotton and silk:

This is what i got:

Above, wet. Below, dried:

I followed Maiwa’s instructions to the letter, TO THE LETTER. My fabrics were premordanted with left to right silk with soymilk, cotton with alum, and cotton with gallnut and alum. SIGH. And while the colour of the soymilk mordanted cotton is different from anything else, i doubt i’ll be bothering with this mordant again. Nice mottling, i suppose, and the continued surprise of gallnut on the one cotton that does have any purple!


Our tap water does have a lot of mountain minerals in it, but i still expected actual different shades of purple—next dye bath will be done using filtered water from our reverse osmosis system. If that still doesn’t give me the shades it’s supposed to, oh well, WTH, i’ll have myriad colours in the stash. Make hay while the lemonade stand shines… 🙂

AND i will NOT be buying logwood from the ACAD “bookstore” anymore–they do actually charge TWICE the price for the same product (literally) as Maiwa does, not a computer mistake, not human error. I called, and their reasoning was “the shipping”. BULLSHIT. While i agree that a shop needs to make a profit, doubling the retail price to cover shipping is obscene, particularly when they get an “education discount” better price than us, and the shipping could not possibly have been the same amount as the whole shipment of products ordered. &^%$! I could have/should have just ordered directly from Maiwa and even with shipping, would probably have saved 20.00 on the 300 grams i bought……………………………

Your thoughts? (Spammers, good luck on that.)

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