immersion therapy

Autumn is my favourite season, with its deeply rich colours and the spicy smell of earth, falling leaf and seed. It’s also the start of SAD time, something i struggle deeply with every year. I know all the coping mechanisms well, and follow most of them ( and sometimes they work, or don’t……), but this year, seem to have been helped muchly by my intense self-workshopping on natural dyes. I *do* tend to get obsessive about things, and this is no exception, but the results from it have been most gratifying.

My brain has benefited from all the science lessons, my focus by the procedural steps that it necessitates, and my soul heartened by the results. Instead of sitting on the couch staring at the walls, or visiting the kitchen too often, i’m up and about between studio, dye dungeon and sketch/notebook.

As i’ve been dyeing the threads, i’ve also been stitching with them, and this is the result.

All natural dyes (except that one brown from “PP”), it’s almost finished. Silk, silk/wool, wool and cotton threads, and all the dyes i can get my hoofies on, on indigo dyed cotton, i can’t wait to finish this and mount on a canvas!



5 responses to “immersion therapy

  1. I get SAD in the summer, Arlee – too much bright light and heat. I spend all year looking forward to winter, the muted light and the silence of snow. What strange and wonderful creatures we are. I love that blue.


    • I just learned something from you–i thought SAD was a shortening of the days thing, but apparently you are one of the few who is affected through the summer. Let’s keep on keepin’ on 🙂 however we can.

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  2. I really like this latest piece Arlee – of course it’s mostly my favourite colour so that could have something to do with it, but beyond the colour aspect, I really like the overall look! Re the SAD aspect – have you tried taking something called 5-HTP in combo with Vit. D? I’ve weaned myself off my anti-depressants and for the past three years I’ve used the 5-HTP/D combo with great results. Can’t hurt….and it might just be good for you. Hugzzzzz.


  3. A broken moon? A cell? A reflection on the passing seasons…the harvest (moon and plants) and a move into the cold months of shorter days…this is how this speaks to me this cloudy Sunday afternoon.

    I’ve never thought I experienced SAD…but in recent years it *has* become tougher to endure more hours of darkness. I find that if I light several candles in the early morning dark, and write my Morning Pages by the light of them alone, and then spend a bit longer with a quiet reading/prayer time, It enables me to move into the day in a better frame of mind. The candlelight enfolds me around my journal (and my steaming cup of coffee) in a realm of coziness that wards off the foreboding nature that darkness can harbour…and so I can watch the sunrise and move more smoothly into the day…

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