The Magic Bug Collection— EDIT: listing now active

Cochineal in all its permutations–who knew one dye could have so many variables?

Various mordants and modifiers, and brief visits for some of these skeins with other dyes, i was trying to figure out a fair way to offer these, as some skein lengths are not exactly what it says on the card! Because of this, all of them are going to be 5 bucks each (CANADIAN, so check your currency exchange rates), with no individual length on the double cards being less than 8 yards each. The single threads will be no less than a generous 17.5 yard length. That’s quite  a deal on hand dyed, naturally dyed threads, so please bear that in mind 🙂  Most are cottons, with a few wools thrown in, as is the deepest colour in the left top corner. As always too, any extra postage paid will be refunded.

Work today will be figuring out the tension on my niddynoddy so that future offerings WILL be in 10 or 20 yard lengths. I *might* adjust prices up a WEE bit then, but not shockingly so.

There are limited quantities on these, with some being “one off’s” or a pair. All are washed and have been properly prepped, mordanted and dyed, according to Real Science, no Kitchen Scrap Nonesense here 🙂 Listing will commence later today. NOW ACTIVE.

Momma needs a new office chair—this morning mine fell apart literally as i was to have my first coffee, NOT a pretty sight!!!



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