circus bird

That’s me, just home from “my stylist” (hear that swoony yet snotty accent? 🙂 ). I’m not sure if it’s a circus tent top, or an exotic bird, but i LOVE it. Pink and blue over dark cherry.

For the record, i loathe selfies, so that’s all of me you’re going to see– the topping ,the brain, and the eyes.

The boss however may have a shit fit, but hey, it’s my hair, and hair grows. (I *mean* the boss too, not Greyman who likes this sort of thing, strangely and happily enough!)

2 responses to “circus bird

  1. One of the cashiers at my local supermarket, our age too, blonde hair, has had brightly coloured tufts in her hair for years, often changing them out. Now it seems to be spreading to her co-workers. And their boss looks the most conservative you’ll ever find! So maybe you’re good. well, you are of course, since as you pointed out, it’s your hair.

    I’ve been seeing those fancy colourshifting dos online (I have long hair) that look quite pleasing in all their rainbow glory, inner layers different from outer layers and shifting as you move. Perhaps one day I’ll be old enough to try one of those. (not sure I trust these peasant hairdressers with it though)

    I too like the subtlety of colour on a dark base rather than bleaching it first.

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    • Oh yeah, some of them are GORGEOUS! The more different colours you add though, the more expensive it becomes. And it does add more work admittedly to keep the colour 🙂 but i really like the effect.

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