letting the hands have their way, though not feeling very handish….

Just stitching. Red scrap salvaged from student scrap box at ACAD. I even left the dart in 🙂

For the need of it.

 New wallet!


For the sake of it. Naturally dyed threads:

For the potential, new work component:

All she will have is the honeycombs, i think.


For the nostalgia, old project picked up again (“A Stone’s Throw from the Midnight Lake”), stitching started 2009:

hand and centre ripped out in 2012, going to rip out the heavy leaves at bottom right as well, and the beads in the centre:

Started with embroidery again this past week. And yup, i’m hiding the machined lines with hand embroidery, not that i think it’s bad or not valid, just because i can, and like the heavier/more textural look with hand embroidery. Mixing naturally dyed with the commercially dyed as well, ’cause colour is colour. (And what a ridiculous time frame for such a small piece…. 15.5×23.5″)

I’m thinking an indigo moon might work in that centre? A face?  A tree? Mmmm, tree.

 For the possibility, new work, sample, done enough to think about:


Idea to be incorporated in piece with the lace figure.


For the practice, keeping the hand in.


It’s that Magical Thinking time of the year again. We don’t worry about it, each day, each year much the same (safe, warm, employed, happily married and parenting animals, no drama), but if that turn of a calendar page does something for you, enjoy it. See ya on the flip side.


6 responses to “letting the hands have their way, though not feeling very handish….

  1. We have 2 blue moons this year so I think adding a third for luck is a good idea . . . and yes, this first morning of 2018 looks just like the mornings we had in 2017: the sun’s up and birds are singing, and I can hear the surf rolling in.

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  2. I FOUND you! Something changed with your blog a year or more ago and I could never find you but you commented on my blog last night so I could follow you back here! BEST New Years gift ever. 🙂 Can’t wait to dig into all the posts I’ve missed. I simply love your stitching.

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