Redux start

I know i’ve started when the printouts, and the plans for the plans begin. I write all my meanderings on my private blog, with wild flights of fancy, because hey, ya never know what will connect, then slap all that in a dedicated sketchbook, and start colouring in the lines, way out of the lines, adding “patterns”, shapes and technique notes, and even more scribbled why nots.  So far there are elements of several previous (finished) projects (Mother’s Heart, Nightmare Interrupted, Ebb and Flow, The Difference Between A Plum, unused Leighton work) and seeing how the interpretations fit together is where the fun, and the serious work, begins. I have the notes from those previous endeavours as well, and will riffle through them, slotting them in and out and away, as needed or rejected. It also makes it impossible then to “COPY” myself, as now there are Frankensteiny mishmashes happening!

I even have a title, though that will wait until some definite work has started.

This little bit has been stored in one of my sampling/”component” boxes since Jan 2013. It’s not the “thingness” of it that draws me, but the potassium permanganate dyed cheesecloth, and that wild stitching on its peripheries.

Though that stitching was done by machine, i don’t want to use Lalage again, bitch that she is, because she *is* a bitch to work with. (One of THE worst machines i’ve ever had…) After the work i did on the figures for TM, i now know that it is possible to tame the harem cloth enough to stitch, by putting it in bondage on a tapestry style embroidery frame. (Never say never though…) I can do the stitching also pre or post dyeing, depending on the effect i want with the threads.

I’ve decided to start the intended Redux project with some sampling for hearts a la “Mother’s Heart”. Off to the potassium permanganate vat in the Dye Dungeon!

6 responses to “Redux start

  1. Lalage and my new Bernette 20 are both boat anchor status by the sounds of things. I will NEVER ever ever ever consider buying anything with the name Bernina attached to it again. I hatezzzzzzzzz it. Passionately.

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  2. Humm – sounds like you have recently done your version of my ” runs into a wall head on, screaming, yelling, and fighting all the way, add a few drops of despair, the with a deep breath of acceptance of the wall – turns about only to find the ideas starting to flow again” – I hate the happening of it but love the end results – Congrats on besting the wall and discovering what lies on this side of it – ah possibilities and what about…

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  3. I am envious/impressed/inspired that you are actually COLLECTING all your project notes! Mine are moldering in various locations and I’m actually afraid to collect and collate them. I make the notes . . . and then don’t read them. Sigh.

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    • HA, i bought some of those expandable folders from the dollar store and since starting to use them (2010?), have filed everything away when a project is done. Much easier 🙂


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