new flavours from old hats, and an Instagram learning curve

arlee barr, embroidered feathers

Feathers from “Strange Soul Take Flight” 2013

I don’t like “copying” myself, figuring work should show evolution, not stagnation, but the more i look at this old photo, the more entranced i am.

Origin: noun
1.something from which anything arises or is derived; source; fountainhead: to follow a stream to its origin.
2.rise or derivation from a particular source: the origin of a word.
3.the first stage of existence; beginning
4.ancestry; parentage; extraction
5.Anatomy a.the point of derivation. b.the more fixed portion of a muscle.

Pick one, pick a couple, but i’m going back. Origin was the “word of the year” for me in 2012, not that it’s something i believe will change anything, but it’s good to remember where your roots as an artist are, and is going to be the Mantra for a good while. I got lost for whatever reason.

I think it was 2 weeks ago that i finally figured out how to get into the Instagram account i opened 5 months ago……. I can only add photos from my phone if i’m home on the household Wi-fi, as my “plan” is a pay as you talk” experience. (I rarely use it except for pictures, texting to work or the Greyman, and for possible emergencies. The alarm feature is well used too, for reminders 🙂 ) (And yes, we still have a landline.) I have learned how to add photos from my computer to the phone camera file, and have successfully posted a couple of photos, and now the ubiquitous hashtag, but am still having problems with sizing, resulting in uploads that have features cut off. WHY can’t Instagram just tell me what the optimum SIZE is in pixels (dpi) instead of the damned “ratio aspect”???????

I did manage also to download a photo edit program to my phone, but really have no clue how i did this:

This is what i *wanted* to have posted:

Same feather, double sided. A bit of fun while i was horridatiously sick this past week. All naturally dyed cotton and wool threads on rusted cotton.

I like Instagram: it’s pretty, it’s bright, it’s got kitties and flowers, embroidery and stylishly styled style ( 😉 ) shots of everything from cushions to jewellry, natural dyes and yarns, lovely illustrations and positive affirmation in the comments. I don’t –or haven’t yet–seen any trolling, politics or nasty agendas, almost like FB was in the beginning of its incarnation. I’m still on FB, though i defriended quite a few as there’s no interaction from them, left a bunch of groups as either repetitive, uninformed or face it, just plain Stupid With a Capital 9, put some on “snooze” as i really have no interest in their dinners or their politics, and am generally keeping my mouth (hoofies) away from the keyboard on certain posts. (“BRILLIANT” in my life/family has always been a SARCASTIC comment, that many don’t get….)

So, i’m just picking my way through the days right now, unsure what will/could/might happen in the studio, and not terribly concerned about it right now. As they say in Calgary “It is what it is.”


7 responses to “new flavours from old hats, and an Instagram learning curve

    • Thanks Mo! I’m thinking a few *may* show up you-know-where 🙂

      Instagram doesn’t make it easy even with their “guide”–it’s still cropping the heck out of stuff…..will definitely check out that link.


  1. I have the exact same phone situation and philosophy.

    IG is set to post squares, 1:1 – but they have added an icon which shows up in the lower left corner of the image, if you choose a rectangular format, that will include everything. Probably not very very skinny formats, but I’ve noticed that their video stories are shown in the full screen, very tall vertical phone format, so I think perhaps that’s doable, I only do 3:2 from my DSLR.


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