if it’s not one thing, it’s another

This winter has been hell: a fall on the ice in December resulting in a hip crunch that is still bothering me, an angina attack and all the ensuing tests, poking, prodding and stressing, a bad cold that lasted 3 weeks and wiped me out, a spine jarring drive on the bus through a deep pothole that has left my back in agony, and the resignation from my Day job, after 5 years, effective on the 17th.

I’m frickin’ tired, and about all i can do, (besides whine i suppose…) is fill in space and time, so yesterday saw me go back to the strange face. (Previous post)

Since i started this in January of 2012 and have lost the flow and notes, i’m not sure what the intent was, but what the hell.

I’m guessing it was an exercise in colour, and stitch type, and followed/parallaled the making of “Not A Hive Mind”.  I might as well finish it, and then maybe i’ll get it!

6 responses to “if it’s not one thing, it’s another

  1. Geeze, Arlee … You have had a tough winter …sounds like it is time to rest !
    Hopefully, if you don’t have a show on the horizon, you can take the time to just think & wipe stuff from the ‘attic’ ( if it lets you) 😉
    Take care of yourself first.

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  2. Hopefully with spring coming you will feel better. This year seems like it’s been one of challenges after challenges. Perhaps to clear a path for better things etc. One hopes so anyway. Are you retiring or getting a different day job?


  3. Hoping for a speedy recovery! Well, as speedy as they come, you’re hit pretty hard, and there’s not much one can do besides pass the time.


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