running in place

I’m pretty much confined to my stitching corner these past few days. And now i can’t sleep lying down, so now it’s going to have to be made into a nest. Not sure how i’m going to survive my last 6 days at the Day Job….. Robaxacet is starting to not help much, and ice packs make look your bum and back look funny when stuffed down your underpants. (And they have to be Granny Pants to stay high enough for good contact…)

Originally, i was just going to stitch up and down on this thing, but quickly realized it was not only boring in execution but in look as well. Running stitch doesn’t have to go only one way. I was hesitant to do the background this way, but it doesn’t fight with the defined elements after all, so will continue. There are small areas i will leave unstitched, as i’ve always subscribed to the void space theory, giving the eyes a place to rest, not crowding everything. It’s still a bit horror vacuii, but the other details stand out enough that this becomes only the background, not the story.

hand embroidered detail on painted cloth

I’m going to run out of the violets and pale purples soon! And i love this cloth, the result of using a large scrap as a sop/drop cloth when painting something else.



5 responses to “running in place

  1. So much to love about this piece. I have a wonderful book about Kantha stitching that is so much more then the running stitch in a single direction that I see all too often. Though sometimes that works well for some things. But, This piece is not about kantha of course. Knowing that it is a sop cloth made me smile as sometimes the cast offs become the art. Absolutly love the colors here. Hope your feeling better by the time your reading this. Pain sucks so much out of us.


    • I know!! A couple of years ago, i emailed a practitioner of Kantha in India, and was astounded at what the running stitch can actually do. Tired of people using it to stitch scraps together or onto other things, as there’s SO much more to it than that. Actually even my efforts are boring in relation to the possibilities and history!

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  2. I rather like the running stitch in the background . . . it makes my eyes keep drifting around the cloth. And I’m glad you’ve referred to it thus . . . Kantha is another thing entirely and it maddens me that some are calling every little bit of running stitch Katha, ever scrap sewn to another Boro. There’s a wee shrill voice screaming “Ignorance!” and “Cultural Appropriation!” somewhere in my head. I’ll shut up now.

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    • I agree! Current use of “Kantha” and “Boro” is quite frankly laziness i think in a lot of cases……….if people are going to spend the time being all embroider-y, at least put a modicum of effort and develop some talent for it–oops, was that my outside voice?


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