unfinished business is getting busy with finished!

Too many bits and bobs, unfinished, but not used for anything. I have to keep my hands busy, and sometimes despair of what to use things for. I’ve never been precious about what i do, so what the hell, let’s have some fun! I could look on the burgeoning piles as exercises, samples, tests, even a bit of wasted time and effort.

It’s like an athlete who has to continually keep moving, exercising, stretching, twisting, extending. Such a nasty word, *wasted, all definitions pointing to loss, garbage, effluence, used up, thrown away, the only comforting interpretive “a gradual passing of time” resonating… So, let’s say these are running in place exercises.

How many does a person really need (to do)? Simple: as many as a person needs (to do). But i DO know what i want to do with some of them.

It was past time to dip into the bead stash again. If i died tonight, there are so many, poor Greyman would be overwhelmed!

A Spring Burst!

hand embroidered Spring Burst textile art moon

And a Tango Tangerine too ๐Ÿ™‚

hand embroidered tango tangerine moon textile art

Baby juice moons, weighing in (errr, measuring in) at 4″ square.

Working on things incorporating those eyes in the third photo too! It’s slow time in the studio–though i’m being patient, i’m finding it hard to corral beads, thread ultrafine needles, and deal calmly with fraying threads and smashed beads! It doesn’t help that i dropped a mouthful of grapes and cheese into my coffee either!

And quite honestly, though it seems all i’m doing lately is pushing my shop, these are *in* my shop ๐Ÿ™‚ Since i’m no longer employed by anyone else, and am hoping NOT to go back to ANY ffFlower Mine, hey, a Woman has to do what a Woman has to do. Thank you to those who *do* support me–you’re all Wonderful Blossoms!

Your thoughts? (Spammers, good luck on that.)

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