dandilion delight

We had a long long hot hot summer last year, and it looks like it’s going to be another one, so what better way to mark it than by celebrating the dandilion?

Our back 40 is rather lush (in the spring, but dried out by August’s end!), and the dandilions are plentiful, bee feeders and happydays harbingers, but a bone of contention with the neighbours.

I figured though that beheading them (the dandilions, not the neighbours), would keep the snarking at bay for awhile, and threw some in a dyepot.

The first look was Meh. Yeah, it’s yellow, but barely worth the effort. (Though using dandilions is one of the EASIEST ways to get colour. But no, the roots will NOT give you any GD magenta, ever, ever. EVER.) Then i threw in a pinch of soda ash–BOOM. YELLOW. DANDILION YELLOW. Wowzers, it’s neon, electric, it’s definitely a Spring colour. (Paler yellow wool yarn at top is without the soda ash.)

So, do i add yet another yellow dyed silk to the stash and wonder why i do so much yellow and never use it? Nah. Let’s use it. I’m betting it would make wonderful dandilions 🙂


A side note to my fellow natural dyers and ecoprinters: apparently some person in the US has made it her mission to prevent teachers from other countries coming to the US to share their skills and techniques with students, reporting “potentially un-work-visa’d travellers” to immigration and customs! Can you imagine any other art field professional doing this?  And while there *are* divided camps about the “purity” of the technique with those who decry the use of ANY “chemical” or any use of plastic, and those who use anything they can experiment with, and a fiercely competitive attitude amongst some on both sides, this is going too far! It deprives students of learning, workshops and their facilitators of making money to bring other teachers in, no matter what technique or field, and is so narrow minded and malicious, that it just blows me away. Just goes to show you, that not all earthgoddessy-natural-eco-mothers are altruistic sharing sweethearts…………





9 responses to “dandilion delight

  1. About your dandelions -I can’t imagine you NOT telling your neighbors to go fuck themselves, all the while smiling. And don’t be coy. Who’s the bitch?


    • Actually, i told them to call 311, and ask for ByLaws, who told them that as long as my lawn is no taller than 6″, there is nothing that i can be charged with. And yes, smiling.


  2. You have ByLaws about how long your lawn can be? Where are you? Stepford? Or worse? Come to NZ! There may be covenants about what you can build in some new areas but lawn length? I nearly choked on my morning coffee!

    Love the yellow . . . but winter’s a coming.

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  3. Never had much success with dandelion flowers only getting a very pale colour. ….next time the lawn is covered with yellow i will try add soda ash…..thank you Arlee


    • Julie, it was brought to the attention of the Ecoprinting with Botanicals group on FB. (You have to be a member to see the post though.) Apparently it *has* been verified that this has happened, though they are not naming the miscreant (a person herself who is a teacher) who was reporting potential teachers. Personally, i (and a few others) think she should be named, as workshop attendants need to know who is ethical and who isn’t…….


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