working with space

IF you count that corner of the table where the pocket lies with a pencil on top of it…….

I’m HYPER neat and organized at the Day Job, but it never seems to carry over to the home studio.

I categorized this post as “Deliberation–do something you don’t do–or haven’t in awhile”, because obviously, cleaning this up hasn’t happened “in awhile”…….

6 responses to “working with space

    • HA! i’m kind of trepidatious about going in there–which unfortunately means not a lot is getting done, so i guess i have to put my Big Girl Panties on, and get in there………..


  1. ah when else do we find time for tidying up the studio or writing letters or battling the dust bunnies under the bed? Embracing those in between moments that happen when the next dream is incubating, procrastination keeps me almost civilized!

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  2. My studio, too, is under many layers of dirt and partial projects. Every once in a while though, cleaning clears the decks for something new.

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