sharing the bounty

Though i could probably make several garments from the fabrics and threads created so far, during the Summer Madder Project, i’ve decided to add some to the shop.

All of these have been properly prepped, premordanted and dyed according to well researched practices, and historically accurate methods. NO BEETS< NO BLACK BEANS<NO FUGITIVE “DYES!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t cut any corners just so i can make some coin, as i intend to use bits in my own work–and why short myself?! All of course, are natural fibres, in various weights of silk and cotton, as are the threads. All have been well rinsed after, and because they are done correctly to begin with, there should be no bleeding. Your methods of care may influence the colour, but not out of the ordinary. (Even synthetics can fade…) All natural dyes should be treated with care ie, minimal sun exposure (you can wear it once in awhile at a sunny festival, but not everyday), proper wash handling, which means hand washed with a NEUTRAL soap (Dawn Original dish soap, believe it or not, is perfect, and is what i use), and storage in a closed drawer, closet or box. This all being said, if you are adding it to your stash to use in art textiles, rather than wearables, well, most of that doesn’t apply, except for the sun exposure. Nobody hangs a painting where sun will hit it, and neither will you with your art, will you? 🙂

2 responses to “sharing the bounty

  1. Hi Arlee, thank you for your beautiful fabrics and threads. They arrived here in Southern Australia safely yesterday (probably a little later than expected due to our very poor Aus Post service). I am planning on using some of them in my tsunobukuro bag (india Flint’ bagstories). I will pop an in progress picture on my blog later today.

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