taken to task….

From the PM i got, someone (some many?) thinks my bad avocado results are because i don’t know what i’m doing………

I beg to differ. Cotton is one of the hardest fibres to get good results on, with natural dyes. I follow Maiwa’s insightful, clear, well researched methods, from scouring to mordanting to dye procedures for each dye. (Don’t lump all together, as each one usually requires a different set of parameters!) My results before this were lousy, but these instructions became my “go to”. (My other trusted source is anything by Jenny Dean.)

You’ve seen these before, but for the person/s who have taken me to task, eat your words please.

My ecoprints on cotton are rather spectacular too, if i do say so myself.

Lac and logwood on cotton, with eucalyptus leaves, oak leaves and osage strips.

So, let’s see *your* results then, Miss/’s.

5 responses to “taken to task….

    • Thanks Julie! It only bothered me because obviously this person/s hasn’t looked at the rest of my posts about natural dyeing, and were basing their assumptions on ONE thing! When i go to someone’s blog, i check on at least a dozen posts to see if i *do* like what they’re doing, or *how* they do it.

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  1. AND one thing i’ve *always* done is share the “fails” as well 🙂 You can’t tell me that everyone gets everything right the first, second or even 3tyjillionth time with everything! You learn from your failures and mistakes too, and then can make informed decisions about whether to carry on!


  2. People who are negative are best ignored! Thank you for your ‘fails’ on advocado dyeing, I have been saving advocado pips for a while now (they have been in season from beautiful Qld so plentiful and reasonable priced) and hope to give it a go next week. I will put the results on my blog at the end of the week hopefully and will check out Maiwa now- I have Jenny Dean’s book too, my go to along with India Flint.

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