“shopfull” indigo revival

I had to make a new indigo vat, as the old one while having been successfully revived last year (after going through 3 frozen outside Calgary winters!), is now defunct, kaput, gone to the Great Blue in the Sky Vat. The 123 vat, well, we just won’t go there again…….i took the lid off and i’m sure the neighbours three doors down heard my horrified gasp. It’s definitely a note to throw out when it’s GREY, molded and has a suspicious pancake of solid yellow schmutz in the bottom that won’t break up……

As i was going through drawers and boxes, looking not only for dyes and chemicals, but fabrics as well, i realized too that it’s almost an anniversary, 8 years of natural dye, sometime around the beginning of August, and wow have i come a long way! In the beginning, i played and got lovely colours that didn’t last (no mordants!), used things that didn’t really qualify as a dye (lilac flowers, anyone?), but i learned from this what would give colour, a bit about post modifying, and got quite excited about indulging a childhood passion for “potions” and finally that actual RESEARCH means you can do it right, right from the start. I really knew nothing about natural dyeing, in respect to process, though i did know the basic history. Along the way, i also learned to ecoprint/contact print/botanical print, whatever you want to call it 🙂

Subsequently, in the shop are some wonderful combinations of natural dye, ecoprint and indigo. The prices are low, considering the processes, and the size, so please, do indulge yourself:) As always, any extra postage you paid will be refunded!








2 responses to ““shopfull” indigo revival

  1. These look wonderful – of course you KNOW I’m a fan of blue! Reading about your processes of days gone by I must tell you that I’ve pretty much used up a precious piece of amazing ‘sunrise-looking’ dyed that you did oh so many moons ago (and probably sent in one of our component box exchanges. I might shed tears when I use up the last scrap.

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