reality check

Okay, time to be blunt. FB is doing me no good as a business. No one sees the posts. If you pay for an ad, no one sees the post. If no one sees a post, no one goes to the shop, and no one buys. No support=no business. No business=no products being made. No-one goes to the shop from here either, honestly, though for one last time, i am adding the link here–>shop


All products that are in the shop will remain until sold, but no new ones will be added either. The shop will remain as it is, until a. everything/most is sold or b. i fucking give up. If you see it, want it, please buy it. As a small business owner, i cannot afford to keep paying for a shop or a passion, that does not pay for itself. This is not a whine, or a rant, this is a reality check. I could probably make more money standing on a damned corner, as raddled and old as this body and personality is. If no one supports small businesses, artists, entrepreneurs, why should we keep on going? I’m not going to discount anything except to the faithful few (you know who you are and already have that discount) because the prices are more than reasonable for the amount of work and effort i have put into them. And as always i refund any extra postage paid.

I see people going all ga-ga over mindfulness, slowness, natural and eco, but few who actually put their money on those products. I see badly dyed or overpriced products fly out of some shops. Should i raise my prices? Should i slap things on cloth and call it wabi-sabi? I pride myself on well done, properly done, reasonably priced.

You think i’m whining? Nope. Honestly, i am DISGUSTED. I’m not even going to bother with the “Buy my art before i’m dead” route, because too many think that’s funny. I have never cheaped out on the quality of my work. I’ve put every lesson learned, into producing cloth that should be valued. I don’t whack things out in multiples using the crummiest method that will impart a modicum of colour.

I’m not just disgusted either, i’m fucking furious. At myself. Wasted time, wasted effort, wasted resources, wasted money. Screw it, head is now out of ass.

To the customers who have supported me over the years, i do thank you for the support and faith you have put in me. You are truly a lovely bunch of people.

If you disagree, well, ’nuff said. Over it and out of it.

13 responses to “reality check

  1. I think all of what you have said is why I love you and your work. You embrace all the qualities I admire in an artist, ones instilled in me by my Dad. You inspire me and make me strive to create half as well as you. Although I haven’t purchased a lot of goods from you, the things that I have purchased always knocked my socks off. Photos don’t do your work justice. I’m not trying to make you feel better, nor butter you up, just stating the facts Ma’am in my best Joe Friday imitation. I applaud you for sticking to your values and look forward to seeing what gorgeous pieces of art you create in the future.

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  2. I think you’d be about the last one I can imagine jumping on the cultural appropriation bandwagon and call your work wabi-sabi. I follow your blog because what you do interests me although it’s not what I’m doing at the moment and if I did dye anything it would be paper (maybe). Another reason is because you to rant, you do stamp your feet, and swear, and vent, and struggle, and say exactly what’s on your mind . . . honest is what I like. And then there’s your work and the way you talk about what you’re doing and why and why you might change it.
    So I’m sorry I’m not in the market for your wares Arlee, and hope some of the people who are get their arse into gear and buy before you do give up the shop.

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    • Thank you Wendy ((((((cybrehugs)))))). I know it puts some people off, because apparently they live in a perfect little dome where everyone’s tongue is either scold’s-bridled, or nothing touches them except for peace and light 🙂

      I don’t want anyone feeling obligated either to support me, but it does bug me when i see “indigo” pieces being offered that is obviously thio left only, no indigo, or what amounts to a square yard of scraps for 175US!!!!!!! It’s ludicrous, but i guess some have no pride and obviously no shame, in what they do, sadly…………


  3. Quite honestly I’m not surprised Arlee – it’s beyond comprehension why online selling isn’t more profitable. People have tried to convince me that I *need* to put my stuff out on places like Etsy because they think it would sell, but I’m suspicious. Reading what you’ve said here gives credence to what I’ve thought all along. I’m sorry though because your hard work deserves a hell of a lot more recognition.

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    • Mary Anne, thank you. Selling online IS hard, but it depends on the “venue” you use as well. I would *never* do Etsy, because it’s not about actual hand made anymore, and there’s so much drek on it, it’s hard to find the decent honest stuff, like you do.


      • Thanks for saying that my work falls under the guise of ‘decent honest stuff’ – makes me feel good about the current barn fetish I’m happily mired in. I’m finally feeling the effects of that kick in the arse that you applied to me so many years ago and am actually DOING it. I’m moving, ever so slowly, into the realm of art…not comfortable yet, but it’s coming. Now to just get the client base going so I can actually make a bit of moolah (and no, it won’t be Etsy). About your eco dyes – would any local galleries be interested in carrying them? I know some galleries have gift shops attached and I’ve seen interesting ‘fodder’ available in them. Consider approaching them, too, and perhaps they’d be interested in a show of your work….with a ‘side’ of eco dyes available for sale? A stall at the local farmers market maybe????

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  4. I hope you can find a way to keep your wonderful work available for sale. There is a real need for work like yours which is thoughtfully and sensitively produced. Personally, I’ve never found any “eco-dyed” work that even comes close to what you make. And your stitched work is in another world altogether. Please let us lovers of your work know if we can help.

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  5. Sorry that your shop is closing.
    It would be so nice for ‘Starving Artists’ to make a little extra on the side.
    But, after 35 yrs. of learning everything that I WANT to know about fibre art, I find that everyone and her mother is in the business !
    Finding your own special niche and your own special technique is almost impossible.
    But you gave it your all. You can be proud.


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