trotting her out again

Samara has been patiently waiting “in the wings” for 2+ years, created during my 2016 residency at ACAD. I’ve gone through so many revisioned ideas, that my head whirled, and i’d get lost, and hang her back up on the studio wall to stare at , then to ignore…….

Above, as she is to date, a bit of stitching with walnut and madder dyed threads.

Below, several of the ideas i had for her wings.

Nope. Sort of like both feather treatments and the scrappy look, but not enough to get on with them.

Now what if i

a. cut her wings out also, separate from body slightly, with colour underlay in gaps–but how do i treat the wings themselves?

b. covered the background with scraps, not quite boro, but the idea of rough edges and colour layering—not solid or what is the point *of* that background colouring/patterning?

c. vines, seeds, grasses, grains and leaves everywhere, solid? autumnal

d. wing treatment? the layered feathers?

e. introduce more colours–approach? “blocking”? blending?

f. treated the hexes dimensionally, motif wise and presentation/placement ?


Because rather than do all neutrals like i used to/usually do on these deliberately “designed” wholecloth rust and dye pieces, i want more colour now.  It’s part of why too, i’ve been dyeing so many threads with natural dyes. This was part of my original inspiration for the feel of autumn:

I’ve been working on small moons again, behind the scenes,  but i need to get back to the Big Serious Work as well. I have to stop second guessing myself: the summer has been one of low self esteem, exhaustion, depression and doubt, and it’s hard to get out of that rut. Dyeing suited the mood swings, creating colour where there was none, but a full bin of un-used beautiful threads would be a waste as well.

How does one boot oneself in the arse without hurting one’s back?

3 responses to “trotting her out again

  1. My 2 pence worth . . . I’d like to barely see the wings. To see them only as outlines, not fully visible, the suggestion of wings as it were. She would know they were there and know their power to lift her up.
    Maybe like the metaphorical wings we all have that are invisible to others . . . they are made of those things that can lift us from the fug that holds us down.

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  2. re booting yourself up the backside without hurting your back aka the yoga of being an artist, it takes a lot of practice & stretching the known parameters & embracing every step of the process including Procrastination which keeps our house almost civilized. When else does all the housework get done or letters to friends?
    Here’s one of the best artist’s statements ever by Christian Boltanski –
    “I come to my studio every day at 10.30, and I stay and do nothing. I go to Paris sometimes. I have a few ideas. To be very pretentious, sometimes I believe it is mystical. Sometimes you find nothing, and then you find some-thing you love to do. Sometimes you make mistakes, but some-times it’s true. In two minutes, you understand what you must do for the next two years. Sometimes it’s in the studio, but other times it’s walking in the street or reading a magazine. It’s a good life, being an artist, because you do what you want”.

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