bravely, eyes squeezed wide shut

Samara has been stalled for a long while. The fabric was created in a residency in 2016, has had a wee bit of stitching on the body, and a hell of a lot of staring at on the design wall.

Every once in awhile i’ve trotted her out on the blog, wondering what i’m going to do with her and how. *I’m* tired of her as she is, so i imagine you’re pretty bored by now too 🙂

I know i probably had some grand vision when i first laid her out at ACAD, and at that time it was enough to be able to deliberately create a design like this with natural processes. I do love her, but for reasons unknown, she just hasn’t fired up my imagination enough to do any more to.  I’ve started feathers of various sorts for her wings, pulled naturally dyed threads, fussy cut naturally dyed fabrics for some areas, but nope, no feeling of commitment.

Time for extreme measures then.

Well, at least if i *still* don’t do anything with her, she’ll be easier to store………………………………..



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