River’s Edge

#15 in the indigo moon series, i may have lost some “serious art” readers “because apparently all i’m doing is “crafting” this year” (get on yer high horse, you know who, and ride off far away), but ya know what? I NEEDED this year to be easy, to be Small, to be, well, just mooning the world–ha!

The texture on this one is amazing, even if i do say so myself πŸ™‚


Since it’s grey and cold and blowy here, i added a little bling from the embellishment stash that hasn’t seen the light of day for a looonnng while! These moons are getting bigger with this one measuring at 10″ across. (Still thinking of a HUGE indigo moon!!) And some are getting smaller, as i have a few planned in a 5″ size.

See the shop for details.



10 responses to “River’s Edge

    • I admit i went through a SnottySnob phase too with this, but Craft is usually what pays the bills and buys groceries, while Art can afford one a few luxuries ……….. πŸ™‚ I find usually too these comments on “seriousness” are from those who can afford big ticket items, underprice their *own* work “because it’s just a hobby” or overprice for the cachet, and who never *see* the bills………………

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      • the average income for an artist in Australia is $10,000 per year which is well below the poverty line so most folk either teach or make production work a few days a week to pay the bills, put food on the table & buy materials for their exhibition work. I am a woeful teacher & have never worked out how to make an affordable production line so I garden for a living, on a good year the art breaks even & pays for the materials.

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