tears and tears, accepting the imperfect

Well, i admit i have never been able to sew or draw a perfectly straight line, but HOW THE HECK DO PEOPLE DO THIS ALL THE TIME????????

I will NEVER be a “Modern Quilter”.

This one sort of worked, except i didn’t cut enough pieces:

This was the plan:

(Never mind the lettering: i forgot the yellow on the first attempt, and then forgot the red on the second……..) Looks easy. Except when you are seaming. I kept flipping edges to see what it would look like. HA. i didn’t flip correctly on some. Then i just hit a point where i started stitching edges together.

There were angry tears. There were tears (rips 🙂 ) when i pulled on seams to undo. I re-sewed three times. I ended up with an obvious rip, crooked lines, imperfect point matching and the pieces going the wrong way. I cut either too many pieces, or not enough. I blame the template i used 🙂 I swear the marks for the cutting line were off *just* enough on two edges to **** up cutting and seaming. Maybe my blood sugar was low. Maybe i needed another coffee. Perhaps i have too much on my mind. And yes, i used a god-damn blue thread to stitch with because i don’t give a rat’s ass about matching.

Does this even REMOTELY look like the plan??????

Go ahead. Laugh. I can hear you from here.

**** it. I’m not taking it apart again to re-seam it. In fact, i just sewed the *almost” perfect red sample to the left edge of the above.

To hell with the pursuit of perfection. Let’s embrace the organic, the mistakes, the imperfect, the woogles and borgles and blips. Considering i’ve taken mistakes before and made something i’m proud of, i’m just going to let it be what it wants to be. Just wait and see: it WILL be if not “beautiful” when done, it will be defiantly/definitely my work.

Please also refrain from telling me how to do it correctly 🙂





7 responses to “tears and tears, accepting the imperfect

  1. No, I didn’t laugh. I felt your pain, through and through, as I have sat here for over two hours trying to figure out how to re-size a blankety-blank photo and have it end up the size I require. Goldilocks ain’t got nuttin’ on moi!!!!! (except for SHE found something that fit!!!!!)

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  3. No laughing here. Your post hit close to home. In fact, I have a mystery quilt sitting in my workbasket and it’s been a year since I last stitched on it. It just refuses to go together nicely. You do so many other things so beautifully, don’t worry about it. Remember, raw edges are beautiful, too.

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  4. I am laughing, but not at you…I feel your pain, this was me on Thursday, yesterday however, was a much better day. I also read your next post and you are right. Head up, carry on and in the immortal words of Bob Ross, “There are no mistakes here, just happy little accidents.” I’m glad you’re embracing the imperfect, nothing in nature is perfect…but everything in nature is no less beautiful for it!

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  5. Love this post! I have been there -so many times, and the experience teaches us that sometimes things are just shi–y! And that’s OK – and I love that you will stitch the heck out of this and it will be a perfectly wonderful MODERN quilters foundation for what YOU do best! bethany

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