new thoughts

Hmmm, i don’t think this should be on a cloth background, mounted as i usually do on a stretched frame.

I made a start on the background, and i do like it, but i think any colour choice here fights with the shape, but even more with the intent, so, no “background”!

I looked online for mat boards, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s an odd size for conventional mats. I’ll have to now learn to cut my own framing mats, because i really think this would set it off better.

The white background is a bit too stark, so maybe a pale sepia tone would be better:

It still looks a bit “suspended”, but maybe that’s the point, setting it as a fragment?

Or really dark?

MM, may be! I don’t want “colour” in a sense, or i might as well go back to the cloth backing. So, neutral or black? (Deep grey washed it out.)

I’ve started working with other pieces too, trying different configurations. These may not be the “final” diamonds i use, but the fragment idea is still strong:

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