new moon series

Well, number one is done and i surprised myself: i thought i had started this a week ago, but from start to finish was only 2 days! Faithful readers (all 3 of you….) will know i’m not of the “mindful” set, but being in the zone sometimes is helpful 🙂 I prefer to think that commitment to a craft is better than any “connecting with my ForeMothers” Hooey!

Of course, i posted first on my IG and my FybreSpace FB pages, with this, asking about the orientation:

embroidered silk velvet moonsThough i had worked it with the upper left orientation, it was the least favourite. Someone made me laugh by comparing it to the SW “Death Star”. The lower left makes me seasick! To me, it’s like looking through a porthole on a (sinking) ship! Most preferred the two right side orientations, so i decided whomever gives this a good home gets to choose the orientation.

One thing about the new studio space is that to get true colour representation, i have to photograph in the livingroom, at the right time of day!. Yesterday’s photo above is a bit saturated at 430PM, so here taken today are the true colours 9AM (Time of day and conditions can make or break shots of your work):

hand embroidered silk velvet moon artI do use a lot of “spot” lighting downstairs, an OTT light, a gooseneck with high wattage and the studio lights of course, especially when beading, and most of the embroidery gets done upstairs in the stitchin’ corner on the couch.

Very happy with this, and now on to the other two i have planned!!!


4 responses to “new moon series

    • Ha, someone commented that it was “too normal” an orientation 🙂 i like the bottom right way myself, but each to his/her own! The owner can hang as she/he likes.


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