deadline, schmeadline, back to stitching

Since i so rudely interrupted myself with all the thread dyeing, i now have (counting today) 25 days to finish a piece for a group show. But i *did* need those threads as the tub was emptying!

Looking rather a bit strange, but that’s how they start sometimes.

I had started with this sketch as the inspiration, but knew along the way that it would interpret itself for a new piece.

I’d also chosen that fabric behind, but realized it had spandex in the blend, which is sticky about needles and threads pulled through….

So, it became glorious pile of this:


It morphed smaller:

I tried to stare it down every time i walked by it, didn’t really like it, and it was saying nothing. Pretty but nothing.

Yesterday i took it down to the Dye Dungeon (where my studio is), and cut a piece out of it, then pieced back in some madder/marigold dyed linen. It’s started to sing now.

There may be a bit more radio silence here than normal, as i meet that pesky deadline.

5 responses to “deadline, schmeadline, back to stitching

  1. I’m envious !
    Wish I had some ‘new’ work to play with, too !
    I have the ongoing Sketch Book Project, but seriously need a fibre & thread fix.
    Good luck with impending dead-line … you’ll make it, as always !


  2. Good luck indeed! There us nothing like a deadline to focus the mind and get stuff finished. I’m always amazed by what I manage to do in two weeks when there’s no choice!

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