meeting a deadline that isn’t there anymore

Well, poop. No surprise though that the exhibit space for Contextural’s upcoming show is closed due to “the Covid”. I had asked the first of March, and yup, the morning of the 17th brought an email that it’s not going to happen. Contextural’s summer residencies have been cancelled for the same reason at AUArts, something that isn’t affecting me however. I did 6 of them myself from 2009-2016, but when the price jumped so high, had to call it a day. That’s why i do ‘self directed workshops” now 🙂 (And i think it’s time for another one, with the recent “isolation” tactic.) I am hoping however that a workshop i signed up for in Edmonton in May will go ahead, through another “group”!!

BUT. This doesn’t mean i’m calling it quits. I still want to finish this piece, and i will, and goal setting, *by* the original deadline. That’s in 12 days, and i *will* do it. Who knows what will happen in 12 days? And technically, we’re just postponed, not cancelled. All written on the 20th, so not as close to completion as i’d like BUT I WILL DO MY DAMNEDEST.

I have to admit too that the current climate with all the closings, people staying home, and online foofarah, that a possibly developing case of agoraphobia may be okay FOR NOW. That started *before* the Covid pandemic happening. I’m having a VERY hard time going outside the house, can’t explain it, not going to, and will deal with it, but in the meantime, i may as well make the dirty bugger work and pay its keep! (That Edmonton workshop is something i REALLY want, so hoofies crossed i can deal with the hidinginthecloset thing….)

I’m also staying off FB, except for the FybreSpace page, because i am exhausted by the constant bombardment of willfully ignorant fiction, plain old lies, magical thinking and profiteering. I KNOW what i’m supposed to do as a responsible citizen/human being, will get my updates from reliable government sites and credible news sources, and hive in to protect myself and my Greyman.

In the meantime, i pulled out old bags of dried plant materials, rightly figuring that i might as well use them. My scant bag of saved onion skins gave me these, not bad for the amount:

I had expected more orangey colours, and deeper, but 2 handfuls of skin ain’t a lot of colourant. Even so, i find it a very soothing palette of texture and faint peachy tones.

Then i used half of my dried silver dollar eucalyptus:

I adore that velvet! If i were a teddy bear maker, i’d probably use it for that!

The bits of cotton eyelet are slated for a project, a colour record i’m thinking of.

So, we go on, things different but not, life changing but not in the end very earth shattering really. There will be financial adjustments of course, but most of us could benefit from that lesson anyways. Hopefully, a lot of us will refine what we know, learn some new skills, calm down and carry on.


“Loneliness is the poverty of self; solitude is richness of self.” May Sarton





6 responses to “meeting a deadline that isn’t there anymore

  1. The current situation is one of those times when we can be grateful that we’re most happy cocooned with our threads and needle. We can handle the cancellations of things we were looking forward to because we know it’s for the common good. We can try very hard to look on the bright side and know in our hearts that these ‘adjustments’ we’re making to our daily lives just might prove to be a good thing in the long run. Stay safe – stay well!

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  2. Fibre Artists are some of the luckiest peoples in these scary times … we have surplus of what we need to make something beautiful.
    These colours are not ones I would automatically turn to but often am drawn to … just to admire. I automatically thought of a peasant blouse … why ? but all these would be stunningly beautiful with your stitchart… hope you can make something of them.
    My piece ‘Ancient Mother’ was going to be in a show Apr.4 … maybe, now, Apr. 2021 !
    Keep well, keep safe.


  3. I have had multiple events cancelled or postponed over the last two weeks here in Australia. Sadly we cannot rely on a federal government with an 85% economic slant v 15% health slant to provide reliable information. He still wants schools open and teachers and children at the front line of infection. Luckily in Victoria we have a responsible, strong government who still put people first to ensure the virus doesn’t spread.
    However I will be continuing to teach online for both school and uni. Looking forward to some time to do lots of natural dyeing as, yes, lots of stuff in the girl’s stitch shed. I will miss the Op Shops though, so handy to pick up clothes and fabrics to dye.

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    • *Everything* here has been cancelled for weeks, better safe than sorry. Our Canadian government is on the ball, has been from the start, in protecting us, sharing correct info and precautions. Thankfully most of us in the “fibre world” have lots to work with already, though i’m a little pained that there won’t be any big fabric scoop from the of course cancelled Ujaama Gramma annual sale….POOP 🙂


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