dillydallying as productive time

Not all of us will learn 6 new languages, make sourdough bread, write an opus for the ages, or invent a new way to weave gnat’s ass silk during these “lockdown” times, but it’s still a good and necessary thing to have SOME “busy time”.

My own busy-ness has been less than productive, because i’ve had too many busytime days instead of just relaxing and trying out things just for fun: 11tybajillion starts and 11tybajillion ideas don’t always mean actual finished (or pleasing!) work done–i have a lot of what i now realize are samples though! So whadda ya do with samples? You can stick them in a book, you can file them in boxes, you can sometimes incorporate them into future work————————

AHA! OR! I like Jude’s current project/teaching, kind of a “coating a coat” idea 🙂  and i’m going to haphazardly go as it goes. I happen to have an old muslin coat base in the dyeables bin and also stumbled over this from 1983 (a photo of only, think i lost this actual piece in the 2013 Calgary flood).

Very Yvonne Porcella inspired as that was the first time i had seen that people actually did these wild and wonderful things with fabric!

The base muslin coat i have is too small but very unfinished as to edges and shape, so i’ll add, adjust and correct as needed. Today i’ll be digging through all my unfinished bits and samples and stuff, finding hopefully a common denominator, then start laying down some spackle 🙂

2 responses to “dillydallying as productive time

  1. I can commiserate…..
    SO much time, unfortunately for me, translates into a billion ideas, and then just sitting there contemplating them……no action. Will I look back at this time and kick myself? Probably. Although ‘should haves’ are another waste of time.
    At least I am getting some gardening done!

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    • i know! it’s like getting bogged down, so much you want to do, no idea where to start or why, is it worth the effort, what will i use it for? i decided i’m going to use it as ME time, something for me, not worrying about making art, making for other people, keeping up with the Jones’ or whatever else bites my ass because i/we “have to be doing something”!


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