big shop update

A plethora of pretty! A lot of luscious! Candy dishes of cotton, loads of linen and va va va voom velvets! Come         on       down              (expansive hand and arm gestures)!

My work table is over burdened at the moment with naturally dyed cloth, and with the exception of a few pieces for my own work, and since i use only small small pieces 🙂 i truly am running out of room to store it.

My prices are more than reasonable. You get more than a couple of scraps and a dinky bit of lace or thread. You get dyes that last, that are done accurately with historical processes. No fugitive fadey colours in my studio! You even get money back if i charged too much for postage/shipping! (The initial charges may seem “high”, but i still charge a lot less than Etsy or the like, and ALWAYS refund the extra.)

I have  new listings in the shop, with more to come tomorrow—–after the Thanksgiving weekend dinner digest 🙂 EDIT: OCT 17/20 MORE LISTED.



Your thoughts? (Spammers, good luck on that.)

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