Update on my DogFaced Girl’s diagnosis

I just wanna cry. Nessie has a ripped off the bone ligament, and a broken knee which means all the bones below her knee are shifting around and moving freely every time she takes a step or puts weight on it. She’s scheduled for surgery on the 17th (ouch the bill) and in the meantime gets to laze around and have her back end supported by a sling we must use when she needs to go out for business or into the car. She will also have a thyroid test to perhaps explain the big weight gain she’s had, particularly since she’s never been a big eater, often skipping a day between meals. We are lucky to have had her booked as early as this with a surgeon who does this 4 times a day sometimes (never mind hip dysplasia in mid to big dogs–ask your vet about meniscus and ligament damage if your dog is having problems!). Throughout all of this, our beautiful useless good for nothing flop eared mutt has maintained her loving, patient, sweet disposition.She picked the right people to adopt when they visited the Calgary Animal Services, because we love her SO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To help partially with the bill, i will be listing fabric packs this week (just give me a day or two to pull them together and list), as usual priced in Canadian dollars for decently sized packs (no scrappy bits) and as always too, will refund any extra shipping/postage paid.
Thank you all for your patience with the “irregular” posts here, for your support, your kind words and your faith in me.

4 responses to “Update on my DogFaced Girl’s diagnosis

  1. Thanks Mary Anne, Deb and Mo–it’s much appreciated, and i tell the DFG every time someone leaves a comment for her. She thanks you muchly and sends doggie kisses.


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