Shop update, fabric packs

Who doesn’t love stitching in a cozy corner, especially when it’s snowy cold and grey outside?



So far, this what i have on hand, in the shop, and am hoping to get some new ideas implemented as well!


To that end, i’m having a dyefest in the next couple of days, to keep the stock replenished, for work for myself and because the DFG goes in tomorrow for her major knee surgery and i need to keep busy! The poor girl is very much a hopper right now to get out for her daily needs, (thankfully one step only into the backyard!) and the rest of the time is spent looking woefully at me as she positions herself at my feet (or as close as she can!) so i don’t “forget” her. We have the floor covered in blankets so she doesn’t slip, a petrifying possibility both in her mind and ours, and there’s not much for her to do as she of course is not interested in playing, can’t go for walks and is now on a diet. She will spend the night at the animal hospital and from what we understand, a few days after she comes home, will be going for short 5-10 minute walks (with a sling in my hand on her back end)–vets like their patients to get back at exercise as soon as possible too., It helps the bones heal faster, and improves the mental outlook too! Recovery is expected to be up to 10 weeks long, especially since she will then have a plate and pins in her right knee.

She’s SO patient, good natured and sweet, no matter what happens with her……………………………

3 responses to “Shop update, fabric packs

  1. Ahhh…maybe stitches or surgery or something will help with those “woeful eyes”. I’m sure the padded floor helps! I surely hope there is a positive outcome for the trip, stitches, and whatever else needed. Dye-fest might help you cope, with beautiful outcomes.

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