Return of the DogFaced Girl!

Nessie, the DogFaced Girl is home! She faces doggie physio, lots of meds, massages and short short walks in the next few weeks, and REALLY wants to go shopping today to buy an inflatable post surgery collar–we *all* hate this one!!!!!!
She says a big thank you to all those who “chipped in” by buying Mom’s beautiful fabrics and art, and sends lots of Doggie Kisses to you Blossoms.

2 responses to “Return of the DogFaced Girl!

    • No kidding! They gave her a larger than normal so it would fit around her fat neck, and it catches on EVERYTHING. We got the inflatable–well, she not only can reach over it to lick, but she can push it off! We’ve resorted to shortening the cone–she couldn’t even drink water before with the one in the photo.


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