colour fields



Spring dyeing has commenced, trying new combos, a few new recipes. Some of these have been/are/will be in the shop, some i’ve sent to good homes thanks to word of mouth and social media.

I have few words to share these days. It’s as if something in me has shifted: i’d rather Do than write *about* doing. The Crone in me is stepping up and wants to spend more time with the materials. I’ve been, strangely enough in these times of isolation and caution, connecting more with old friends offline. It’s also time and season for out of the house, longer walks with DogFaced Girl, the two of us appreciating small moments of a glimpse of jackrabbit, a pussywillow budding, a violet sneaking from the moss in the woods, the smell of soil as seeds pop up, and finding where tansy and solidago sway, dried but greening at their own feet.

10 responses to “colour fields

  1. I think, for many artists, that our thought processes have shifted over the past year so it really isn’t surprising that you have changed your focus somewhat. An appreciation of the ‘doing’ comes down to the realization of our ability to do so (if that makes one bit of sense!!!). Maybe I feel that way because I’ve been nine weeks without glasses and can’t see to create anything.

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      • Sorry – I just now saw your question. I had cataract surgery and because I have a rare form of astigmatism I wasn’t able to use dollar store ‘readers’ while I underwent the 6 weeks of healing period (which, by the time both eyes were done, turned into 8 weeks). My distance vision improved but my close up got worse after the surgery.

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    • I finally got that “not my monkeys, not my circus” thing–if in real life, i met most people/situations today, i wouldn’t waste a breathe, and i certainly wouldn’t explain myself. I don’t in real life, so why waste the finger motions online? :)That applies to studio life as well—every phase is different and some just need fewer words or direction. Or maybe we’ve all realized we CAN be “selfish”, are allowed to be when it comes to art, not selfish in a niggly youcan’thaveit way, but a measuring of our own time, worth, existence.


  2. your threads are especially lovely! yes, this past year has left us a lot to contemplate. i think we will be connecting in many various and different ways going forward. violets and moss in the woods….nice!

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    • Thank you, Glennis 🙂 I kind of think of some of the greens in particular as the “existential” threads–are they or are they not being,becoming, ending, turning green? Like the moss, alive but often secretly full of other seeds.


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