(>insert clever title here<)

I lost several months here on the ol’ bloggeroo—–travel, doctors, eye surgery (lasers!!!!!!!!!!), family time, Black Dog weeks, soul time, summer stuff, but i’m hoping to be back regularly now. Can’t believe i haven’t posted in almost 4 months!


Well, here’s a revelation. Looking through the work blog, i see no big projects planned. None. Not for a few (three?) years. Not even progress on Samara. What does that say? I guess that means i’ve officially lost my license as a struggling Canadian textile artist who wanted to work Big, and say Things. Most of it was just for me, though a few pieces have found homes elsewhere, and my walls are deliberately spare (indeed my whole home is) so there’s no point anymore in the Big Plans. I love my natural dyeing, i like sharing it in my shop and seeing what other people do with it, i like making small art these days, i love all my little plans for little things. Maybe i’ll go back to the time of sharing posts 4 times a day, when all the little things excited me. Because in the end, size does matter. (I obsessed for years about Big Art, one day in 2011 wrote in my sketchbook “well then just do it!”, love what i *have* done, but that day is done. I won’t worry about scale anymore: it really doesn’t matter.) (Some of the old angst still hands on, clutching and choking…)

Good enough.

I’ll try to finish Samara, but since she’s been on the go since 2016, i won’t be holding my breath.

I have many piles however of small stuff.   What to do? I’ve started stacking them with new bits of fabric, thread and trims, hoping to kickstart some new ideas—sometimes it takes only ONE MORE element and a thing is done/perfect/good enough (to please).. You can only do what you can do.




6 responses to “(>insert clever title here<)

  1. Welcome back! You’ve been missed. You’re so right in the only being able to do what you can do – anything else just causes too much angst and becomes a huge burden. Carry on and do what appeals to you!

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  2. small has always worked better for me. big large projects just seem endless and i want to move on. one of the best pieces of advice i got when i had my porcelain company was from a guy whose family porcelain company (started by his parents in the 1940’s making china shirt buttons) was to “stay small”. He had taken over the family biz and grew it until it was no longer manageable and yearned for the days when it was smaller and enjoyable. .

    I like the title of this post btw. i usually put in a “placekeeper” title until i’m done writing by which time an appropriate tile has revealed itself. i used to leave it blank but then sometimes i would forget and it would be sent out untitled.

    You’re still Canadian and you still love textiles! All good!

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  3. Hi Arlee,
    Keeping up to blogging is getting harder and harder … I’m falling behind as well. Not knowing if anyone is reading or not doesn’t help. Our followers seem to have given up on us.
    Just keep doing what makes you happiest !
    Greetings from Ontario !

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    • I know! If it weren’t for the admin area and the stats, i’d not see how many were actually stopping by, since it’s rare for comments now. It’s funny that my more “controversial” natural dye opinion posts get traffic still, but not the actual ones that have good dye info 🙂 I’m still going to post as i can though: i myself do enjoy the few blogs i’m subscribed to that continue with content, regardless of their presence on FB and IG, because blogs are where the real thing is, warts, deeper thinking, angst and process. I like some substance on my reading/viewing plate, not just the sauce of social media!

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