12th Anniversary Sale!

Wow, how time flies! 🐦 I have spent the last 5 months working on myself and i think Self has learned some lessons and taken them well to Heart 💖
Imagine my surprise when i noted too that August of this year marks my 12th year as a natural dyer! I’ve learned so much from both my own experiences, and the wisdom of a few trusted and expert teacher friends from around the world: i love you Special Blossoms!
To celebrate this, i will be having a “12 days of the 12th FybreSpace Anniversary Sale”, starting August 4th and concluding on August 23rd. All fabrics and threads will be 15% off and all Art 30% off. My prices are in Canadian dollars, and as always, i refund any extra shipping paid.
New items will be added through the 12 days. Please share this as you can. Thank you too, all the Lovely Petals who have supported me and had/have faith in me in this journey of colour and knowledge❣️ FybreSpace, the shop, is here.

PS, i going to try to keep posting again, as *I* miss it!Now i HAVE gleaned ideas and techniques to try with other textile arts, kept up with my natural dyeing and do talk to a few people, but i haven’t made anything really since Christmas 2020, at least not that ever got finished. And i used to post very frequently, as much as 4 times a day in the beginning of my blogging (2003!). I used to be rather funny, then i got whiney, then i turned mean and antagonistic, and then i started reading a lot of books and had nothing to say for myself… Looking now i see i have posted only NINE times since the end of May last year………………………………………….

SO, i pledge to post at least once a week–if anyone cares anymore because most of us, self included— are busy on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram than blogs now, but i miss blogging–it is/was where all the real work was shown, the sharing and the laughs, not just the dramatic staged “LOOK AT ME VALIDATE ME FOLLOW ME LOVE ME LOVE ME LOVE ME” photos with the short pithy or pleading messages—erk, i do love like them still, they serve their purpose for a variety of reasons.


4 responses to “12th Anniversary Sale!

    • Most of it was a deliberate choice, a sabbatical i suppose from my usual online angsty-ness :), but can hardly believe it was 4 and a half months! I’d like to think i still have a *few* things i’d like to share and show 🙂


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