Shop update

Mixed fibre packs (linen, silk, silk/rayon velvet,cotton lace, cotton) now in the shop: Ecoprints! Sprinklies! Solids! Bright colour for accents and enhancements! Malleable pieces of texture will delight your imagination and your needle!







Assorted natural dyes done with historically accurate processes, from prep to mordant to dye. (Indigo, madder, quebracho rojo, marigolds, tansy, osage, cochineal and rhubarb.)

Just a nobody who ain’t gonna take it lying down

I am fucking PISSED OFF. I received a notice this morning that a piece of my ORIGINAL art was removed from RedBubble, due to a “copyright violation” reported. I own the original artwork that is MINE, i have in process shots of it, documentation and sketches and other venues i have shown the art in. I received no prior notice of this but for the shocking email this morning. If in fact, venues allow artists to be removed like this, with no proof from the artist, you are going to lose a lot of your artists. (Of course you DON’T get any notice beforehand: you have no recourse to defend yourself until after the “offending” work is removed.)

In all honesty, i have never HAD a sale from RedBubble, Society6, Print All Over Me, Blurb or any of the million “print on demand” sites. (Spoonflower has been okay however…) That ain’t the point though. Someone or somebody is either being nasty, or is micro-managing something that has nothing to do with them, reported my work as a trademark infringement and BOOM. It’s gone and all i can do is file a counterclaim. Sure i could completely deactivate my account—but that’s cutting off your nose and taking the ball home because no one is playing by your rules. It solves nothing, even if i’m vindicated, and do after the resolution.

*This* is the removed artwork:

“Spinal Tap”, 2011

Now, HOW THE HELL does this have anything to do with a parody band??????

SERIOUSLY???????????????????? Do you/they really think that any sale of a PRINT of MY artwork is going to affect their bottom line? How petty is that?

My artwork has NOTHING to do with the band in any way shape or form, no reference to them, no depiction, no imagery reminiscent of them, no branding, zip, zero, zilch. You know why? BECAUSE IT’S NOT ABOUT THEM, IT’S ABOUT A MEDICAL PROCEDURE AT THE LEAST, AND AT THE BEST A PIECE ABOUT *MY* SPINE. From the RedBubble site: “A NOTE ON FAIR USE: You might be able to incorporate someone else’s copyright or trademark into your own work, if you do it in such a way that that is considered “fair use” or in such a way that qualifies as another permissible use.” SO, tell me, HOW does this “hurt” the band’s trademark, image, etc????

I didn’t even use the term in a QUOTE parody, satire, critical commentary UNQUOTE use, as it has NOTHING to do with the band. Are they going to sue the Mayo Clinic, doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, etc etc etc who use/d the term? HOW do you trademark that in the first place? As stupid as a Kardassian trying to trademark Kimono for her crap underwear…………….

So, i contacted both RedBubble through their initial email, filed a counterclaim on their DMCA page, left a public message on their FB page, AND left a message on the “group/band” FB DM. If nothing is resolved, i will file a complaint with the BBB.

I’m pretty sure nothing will be resolved, but i can’t just lie down and take this. It’s the principle. In the grand scheme of things, i’m a Nobody: i have no real power, no weapon, am not enriching anyone (especially /including myself) and neither the “band” or RB will truly give a shit or fix this. Basically, i am just pissing into the wind, with no hope or realization of anything but wet pants and anger.

Still, ya gotta stand up for yourself. No one else will.

Edit: Feb 25/21 Of course i have heard nothing from RedBubble, either by email saying they were wrong, not on Twitter, not on FB, not on IG, not by any private message, phone call or letter. I have subsequently filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (which won’t show for 5 days from this date apparently so they can make sure i’m not all sweary and troll-y…..).

Their post says this: “We’re still coming to terms with life after Schitt’s Creek. Thankfully, @bexrocks has got our back with these awesome hand lettered quotes. We’ve partnered with ITV studios so you can have your Schitt’s Creek fan art officially licensed to sell on Redbubble.” Well, that’s all fine and dandy BUT I DIDN’T USE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE DAMN BAND, so why should i/anyone pay for license agreements????????????????

Flime ties!!!!!

Where have i been? Nowhere. Like most of us. I did manage to get my arse shuffling faster for the Christmas season in the shop, but that stopped mid December, with Dog Duties taking precedence.

I made a plan, yes i did, on the 2nd of January. It looks looked good, but as of the 28th, i haven’t taken it to heart. As of today however, i’m going to. I like what i do, when i do it, so what’s the dealio? I look at the calendar and all of a sudden it’s the 25th, and precious little has happened. A little has happened, but rare to show and some mostly unfinished. Reading has been the stopper on the creativity bottle (not a terrible thing in itself), but not conducive to any expressed rather than just internal imagination. Might have to pretend the computer is broken, as my escape is all ebooks online though our public library!

The Ragmates2020/DillyDally Coat is still in my stitch corner, and somewhere along the way since August (?), i did do some work on it. I’m going to switch out one section from the sleeve to the back when i saw that most of the work would be hidden on the inside of the sleeve against the body. Shall have to be less flamboyant there 🙂

I’ve been fiddling with Itty Bitty Beaded Bits, thinking the focus might help. Mmmm, i do ♥♥♥ the look of these!

(In the shop!) Two more are still in the studio be be completed!

I’m trying to figure out a way to make my own studio space more enticing too. Is it that the sun doesn’t pour into this one? Oh i miss that sun in my eyes! 🙂

DogFaced Girl has done very well through her convalescence and healing period, with no problems with the incision or the use of the leg. We have concluded however, that Madame is a Madame, apt to whinge and whine, pretending things are worse if she doesn’t want to be bothered! Perfectly capable of going for walks and excitedly bouncing when “go get ready” is mentioned, but oh what a Prima Dona when told breakfast is IN the kitchen and will not be served to her in bed, a mere 10 feet away. She does need help getting into the car, but that’s a confidence issue with ice and a bit of height.

Not an issue now, that last sentence 🙂

She can easily get into the back of this one, just like coming in from the patio to the livingroom! It looks rather “posh”, and is incredibly sporty, our “Bruce 2.0”. A 2018 Honda Civic CRX SI, we were looking at “new cars” lately because the Saturn we inherited from MIL a few years back is on its last wheels. It’s serendipity that we saw this one and amazingly, got a stupifyingly incredibly clutchthepearlsandsqueal far from a new vehicle would cost deal on it. We knew buying again, it had to be used and that it was something that would have to last the rest of our (driving) lives, because honestly, let’s face it, both of us are not *that* far from retirement age. (And i still haven’t learned to drive and never will now…) The bonus is this baby has only 18,400K on it, was serviced within an inch of “AGAIN you’re bringing it in for care???” in the time the first owner had it, Hondas have fabulous resale value, even years old and both of us are Honda fans.

So, back into the studio and off the arse!

Return of the DogFaced Girl!

Nessie, the DogFaced Girl is home! She faces doggie physio, lots of meds, massages and short short walks in the next few weeks, and REALLY wants to go shopping today to buy an inflatable post surgery collar–we *all* hate this one!!!!!!
She says a big thank you to all those who “chipped in” by buying Mom’s beautiful fabrics and art, and sends lots of Doggie Kisses to you Blossoms.

Shop update, fabric packs

Who doesn’t love stitching in a cozy corner, especially when it’s snowy cold and grey outside?



So far, this what i have on hand, in the shop, and am hoping to get some new ideas implemented as well!


To that end, i’m having a dyefest in the next couple of days, to keep the stock replenished, for work for myself and because the DFG goes in tomorrow for her major knee surgery and i need to keep busy! The poor girl is very much a hopper right now to get out for her daily needs, (thankfully one step only into the backyard!) and the rest of the time is spent looking woefully at me as she positions herself at my feet (or as close as she can!) so i don’t “forget” her. We have the floor covered in blankets so she doesn’t slip, a petrifying possibility both in her mind and ours, and there’s not much for her to do as she of course is not interested in playing, can’t go for walks and is now on a diet. She will spend the night at the animal hospital and from what we understand, a few days after she comes home, will be going for short 5-10 minute walks (with a sling in my hand on her back end)–vets like their patients to get back at exercise as soon as possible too., It helps the bones heal faster, and improves the mental outlook too! Recovery is expected to be up to 10 weeks long, especially since she will then have a plate and pins in her right knee.

She’s SO patient, good natured and sweet, no matter what happens with her……………………………

Update on my DogFaced Girl’s diagnosis

I just wanna cry. Nessie has a ripped off the bone ligament, and a broken knee which means all the bones below her knee are shifting around and moving freely every time she takes a step or puts weight on it. She’s scheduled for surgery on the 17th (ouch the bill) and in the meantime gets to laze around and have her back end supported by a sling we must use when she needs to go out for business or into the car. She will also have a thyroid test to perhaps explain the big weight gain she’s had, particularly since she’s never been a big eater, often skipping a day between meals. We are lucky to have had her booked as early as this with a surgeon who does this 4 times a day sometimes (never mind hip dysplasia in mid to big dogs–ask your vet about meniscus and ligament damage if your dog is having problems!). Throughout all of this, our beautiful useless good for nothing flop eared mutt has maintained her loving, patient, sweet disposition.She picked the right people to adopt when they visited the Calgary Animal Services, because we love her SO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To help partially with the bill, i will be listing fabric packs this week (just give me a day or two to pull them together and list), as usual priced in Canadian dollars for decently sized packs (no scrappy bits) and as always too, will refund any extra shipping/postage paid.
Thank you all for your patience with the “irregular” posts here, for your support, your kind words and your faith in me.

Sort of a Sale: for the DogFaced Girl!

As is our usual practice to decompress, we went to the mountains for some much needed peace and quiet, some fresh air and exercise and to appreciate the natural beauty of where we live. DogFaced Girl *always* comes with us!

Unfortunately, DFG had some sort of accident! We had turned our backs to give her some privacy while peeing and were shocked by the biggest yelp of pain we’ve ever heard from her. She IS a wimp, partially due to her nature and partially to her bad hip, but this time was different. Because we didn’t actually see what happened, we surmised that she had either stepped in a hole, or slipped, and then wrenched her knee and hip, the end result being a torn knee ligament and further hip damage, as we found when we took her to the vet.

The only good part of this was that we had not ventured too far into the woods, because making her walk as far as she did to get back to the car was painful enough to watch and to participate in, for about 30 metres, the longest 30 metres of helplessness from both of us. We couldn’t carry her because the leg would drag and pull on her hip, she couldn’t walk for more than 3 steps without lying down and crying. Greyman moved the car so she could get in easier, but he still had to lift her back end in, not an easy feat with a crying 75 pound muttski!

Her hip is also much worse than we thought. We’ve known since we got her (a rescue dog) at 6 months that she has a bad right hip, but until we saw the xrays had no idea HOW bad. It was always slightly “off set” due to some fucking asshole picking her up by the back leg sometime in the first 6 months of her life, but the accident pulled her hip out of the socket even further.

We are waiting for referrals to either one or two surgeons who have to operate, once on her right knee and once on her right hip. The poor girl is so sweet tempered that all she does is whine, limp and flop down right now. She’s on a anti inflammatory, which should help with swelling and pain BUT she needs those 2 operations. And of course, they are quite expensive!

There is NOTHING we wouldn’t do for our furry babies, so to that end to partially finance some of the costs, i have decided that from Dec 1st to Dec 5th INCLUSIVE, all my shop ART will include the shipping/postage to anywhere in Canada or the Continental US. It may not seem a big deal to save that, but with postage costs on the increase, you will save a fair bit, especially since my prices are and always have been in Canadian dollars.

I thank you in advance for your support, whether it’s a purchase, a share of the information or a good healing wish, all is appreciated! The shop can be found at FybreSpace.

I need my Best Shop Assistant to be with me for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time!

when is enough

This is me this week. I’m just not as cute or lovable. The last three weeks, i was pushing, running, pushing more, running again, as piles grew, but the piles while working didn’t feel that big when i’d stop, so i’d push and run some more. After last weekend and the following days, explanations for which i am not going to go into again, i’m exhausted. Physically, emotionally, cerebral-y (that is SO a word, even if i just made it up). Small world of one’s own, large world one lives in, i’m just so tired of it all. All i want to do is sleep. I’m taking two naps a day, going to bed early (though i do get up early from years of habit), but it’s still not enough sleep.

I’ve got plans, lists, ideas. I try to be disciplined. I keep a sketchbook handy. I’m not short on materials. I’m pleased with what i have done, confident in my skills, assured of future work– but I still just want to sleep.

Isn’t “lockdown” perfect for sleep? Sleep it all away, all the wilful ignorance, vanity, hatred, jealousy, self righteousness, self entitlement, self importance. Keep the circle small, make it smaller than it already is. If i sleep until January, maybe that magic flip of the calendar page will work this time.

I’m trying to find that one bit of perfection in a day but for whatever reason, sleep is the thing.

Christmas 2020 Moons, UPDATED

ALL are created as original works of art, from my own naturally dyed fabrics and threads, and then hand embroidered and beaded, as OOAK pieces. This year, many of the small pieces include a small easel for display, as they don’t do well on a wall, due to their delicacy. Dyes used include indigo, lac, madder, cochineal, quebracho rojo, marigolds, onion, eucalyptus, cutch, all done with historically accurate long lasting processes. Listings will commence Sunday, November 22nd.

If you see something you like, but it is sold out, i can approximate–remember, i said One of a Kind, but i do “series” also, so similar works can be produced. Please email me through the Contact page either on this blog or on the shop site.

i’m hearing bells

As mentioned in a previous post, i decided this year to participate for the second time with a local collective, Contextural Fibre Arts Co-operative. I did reasonably well the first time i joined in (2012) with ONE week to get stuff together! (I used the machine a lot then, and the majority of what i had was small very inexpensive textile art pins 🙂 ) This year i thought i was smart by signing up on the 11th of October for a Nov 21st date, but time got a wee bit lagged and dragged, and now i’m in the throes of panic *but* working the ol’ hoofies to the bone !

So, this year with the premise in mind that NO ONE is doing what i do, especially exclusively with natural dyes, here’s the various views of studio doings lately:

embroidery with naturally dyed threads

embroidery with naturally dyed threads

embroidered moon, naturally dyed threads and fabricsI have Organized Piles with Notes for slated work, fabrics picked out, some solid design sketches and some still in my head, labels, an inventory sheet, display ideas and display items, and am treating the whole as a Job. Yes, art can be a job, an enjoyable one, but the key IS discipline. Line it up, get her going then Go. Do.

I will have new work to show and sell, and promise the happy drool will be off my face 🙂 (Well, the happy will still be, but i promise no drool.) ALL Covid protocols will be in place to keep you safe, from masks and sanitizing, to distancing and contact trace info, limited numbers allowed in and (unfortunately) only one day this time to see the vast array our group has to offer in the way of unique textile arts and crafts, from wearables to gifties to Art. If you are in Calgary, or its environs–hey Alberta!—please share and spread the word!